This webinar explores the evolving landscape of data privacy and customer experience, highlighting the pivotal role of a CDP in navigating these changes. Join us to uncover insights into market trends, the significance of first-party data, and strategies for breaking down data silos to enhance customer engagement.

Key Takeaways:
• Market Insights: Understand the impact of changing consumer habits and government regulations on data privacy.
• First-Party Data: Discover the benefits of leveraging first-party data for personalized customer experiences.
• Data Silos: Learn how to overcome data silos to offer a seamless customer experience.
• Compliance: Explore strategies for compliant and consented data use with a CDP.
  • Market Trends: The shift towards privacy-focused consumer habits and tighter regulations.
  • Optimizing Customer Experience: Utilizing the best data for enhancing customer engagement.
  • Overcoming Data Silos: Strategies for integrated data management and a demo of our Privacy Portal
  • Data Compliance: Achieving consented and compliant data use through CDPs.
Will Wilson
Customer Experience Manager, APAC
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