How do you leverage the architecture you have today to achieve a better future state?

This is the question that CrossFit, a world leading fitness platform, faced when working to access customer data from a divided stack of MySQL databases and homegrown syncing scripts.

Data Lead at CrossFit, Jay Meyering, and Segment Sr. PMM, Sean Spediacci, discuss CrossFit’s ongoing evolution from a siloed, batch-based system to an integrated, event-driven architecture that is built on a foundation of Twilio Segment and Snowflake. You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess your customer data maturity

  • Roadmap your modern data foundation journey with limited resources

  • Use rETL to go beyond data collection and into data-sharing with tools like Salesforce and Braze

  • Leverage a mix of current (Fivetran, dbt) and next-generation (Segment’s Reverse ETL) tools to improve customer experiences today, while building toward a best-in-class future
Sean Spediacci
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Jay Meyering
Senior Manager, Software Development, CrossFit, LLC
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