With businesses today under increasing pressure to drive efficient growth, developing a customer data maturity roadmap has become essential to unlocking new revenue, engagement, and optimization opportunities.

Vacasa, a leading vacation rental management platform, is a prime example of how taking the right steps in your company’s data maturity journey can transform how you engage customers across every channel. With Segment and Twilio Engage, Vacasa has eliminated data silos, gained a complete view of its customers, and activated real-time data to deliver personalized customer experiences while improving efficiency and optimizing marketing spend.

Join Vasaca’s Director of Engineering and Marketing Technology Lead to learn about their CDP evaluation process, the partnership between engineering and marketing, and how advancing their data maturity resulted in a 3x increase in guest bookings from personalized emails.

See how Vacasa uses Segment and Twilio Engage:

  • Understand customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle

  • Personalize timely communications across email and SMS

  • Power recommendations and offers based on real-time customer behavior

  • Optimize digital ads with dynamic audiences

  • Make data-driven decisions that improve efficiency and best serve their customers

Danny Varner
Director of Engineering
Myka Arneson
Marketing Technology Lead
Megan DeGruttola
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Lindsey Mark
Senior Solutions Engineer
Twilio Segment
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