Staying on top of the latest trends can make or break your CX strategies. From privacy changes to AI breakthroughs, delivering seamless and trusted customer experiences requires an iterative process.

The key to empowering iteration and maximizing CX? A strong data foundation.

Join us on March 20 as we sit with one of the top voices in CX research, Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director, Customer Experience at 451 Research and Twilio Segment experts, and delve into why companies that invest in their data, deliver better outcomes and more revenue.

During this live webinar and Q&A, you will learn:

  • Top trends dominating the CX space from 451 Research

  • How to elevate your CX by leveraging the power of a strong data foundation

  • How you can deepen your relationship with customers with good and trusted data

Sheryl Kingstone
Research Director at 451 Research
Alex Millet
Senior Director of Product
Twilio Segment
Geoffrey Keating
Director of Content Marketing
Twilio Segment
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