In our recent 2022 Growth Report, Twilio Segment surveyed 1,300 marketing & CX leaders from across industries and found that 93% of those businesses are preparing for a recession.

The ‘growth at all costs’ era is coming to an end. Engaging with your current customers is critical for achieving sustained growth – and not every business has the resources to hire an army of developers to build and maintain high quality touch points when and where customers expect them.

In this interactive webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Twilio Segment’s #1 Customer Data Platform builds unified customer profiles to power strategic engagement – increasing retention rates and LTV – without writing a line of code.
  • Start collecting customer data and integrating your data stack in minutes
  • Automatically perform identity resolution and create unified customer profiles
  • Build personalized, omnichannel customer journeys based on your audiences
Bryn Saunders
Product Manager
Twilio Segment
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