“No tech or software is going to be the silver bullet. It's about different parts of the organization coming together and aligning on an overall data strategy that everybody will abide by.” – Kevin Niparko

In this interactive session we sit with Kevin Niparko, VP of Product at Twilio Segment, to learn why data strategy alignment is paramount to take advantage of AI breakthroughs and how keeping up with the evolving landscape of data management will require much more than the best tech tools to ultimately win.

In this live webinar you will learn:
  • How modern enterprises can quickly and continuously adapt to the proliferation of tools and technologies.

  • The importance of flexibility, extensibility, and interoperability built into your data architecture.

  • The importance of creating a data strategy to evolve with the needs of your business and serve your various teams.
  • Presenters
    Kailey Raymond
    Director of Campaigns Marketing, Twilio Segment
    Kevin Niparko
    VP of Product, Twilio Segment
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