Unlock the Future of Customer Experiences with AI

July 24, 2024 at 12:00 PM

The Future of AI-Powered Customer Experiences featuring The Motley Fool

AI has tremendous potential to revolutionize businesses. In fact, over 70% of brands agree that AI will fundamentally change personalization and marketing strategies. 

However, it’s critical that you trust the underlying dataset powering your AI use cases. 

With the launch of our latest CustomerAI capabilities, Twilio Segment empowers businesses to deliver relevant, personalized experiences with ease. Utilizing powerful AI models trained on your own trusted, complete customer profiles, you’ll boost growth and strengthen customer loyalty in no time. 

Join us to hear Chris Lyon, VP of Software Engineering at Twilio Segment, unpack why the combination of good data, communications, and AI is the key to unlocking the future of customer experiences. Then, in a special Fireside Chat, Sylvia Sierra, Performance Marketing Team Lead at investment advisor, The Motley Fool, will share firsthand insights on how they are leveraging CustomerAI to save time and drive revenue — a win, win! 
Breakout session

Improving Relevance & Revenue with CustomerAI Recommendations & Amazon Personalize

Machine learning (ML) models have long been powerful, but are often inaccessible for non-technical users. Today, Amazon's ML recommendation engine can be used to easily improve your customer retention rate and increase LTV. Join this session to learn how to implement real-time personalization and recommendations - without overburdening your data teams.
In this session, you’ll learn how:
  • To collect and analyze data from multiple customer touchpoints such as web, mobile, and in-store PoS.
  • To train and validate a machine learning model using Amazon Personalize.
  • Twilio Segment’s powerful new CustomerAI Recommendations feature was built using Amazon Personalize.
  • Marketers can use CustomerAI Recommendations to easily create audiences of people who are most likely to purchase specific products, brands, or product categories.
Unlock the Future of Customer Experiences with AI

Everything is Better with Good Data

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Webinar: Unlock the Future of Customer Experiences with AI by Twilio Segment