Did you know that Segment syncs over 1 trillion rows per month and over 2.5 billion events per second to our data lakehouse partners? And that’s because CDPs and Data Lakehouses have experienced massive growth over the past decade - and also increased connectedness.

The expansion of Lakehouse usage reflects a broader shift toward data centralization, quality, consistency, which are critical for leveraging AI and analytics effectively.

Join us on June 26th for this webinar where we’ll explore how Segment’s recent Databricks integrations (storage as a destination, profile sync, reverse ETL) enable businesses to create a truly holistic view of their customers.

By leveraging both solutions together, companies will be better positioned to anticipate customer needs and deliver unparalleled adaptive experiences.
  • The increased connectivity between CDPs and Data Lakehouses
  • Benefits of recent features: storage as a destination, profile sync, reverse ETL
  • Demo of the Segment and Databricks integration in action
Sean Spediacci
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Safdar Jaffari
Partner Solutions Engineer
Twilio Segment
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