A flexible, composable data stack is critical to your customer data architecture today.

Forward-thinking companies are leaving “walled gardens” behind, and building open, flexible tech stacks that can seamlessly integrate with your data lake/warehouse, and can be customized to their businesses’ (and their customers’) needs.

But with the hype of the modern data stacks comes inflated expectations, mixed interpretations, and vendors using it left, right, and center to describe their own solutions.

In this live webinar, Segment and Databricks will cut through noise, and share why (and how) a modern data stack can benefit your business.
  • The impact of the modern data stack on the data strategies of the future and how we get there
  • How a modern data stack drives increased flexibility, future proofs your data infrastructure, and delivers a better customer experience.
  • How a CDP works alongside the data warehouse/ data lake as a source of truth for your business.
Sean Spediacci
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Bryan Smith
Technical Director, Retail & CPG
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