According to our State of Personalization Report, 49% of consumers say they will become a repeat buyer after a personalized experience.

But with the deprecation of third-party cookies, rise of privacy-focused browsers, and increased regulation, like GDPR, businesses are left uncertain how they can personalize experiences to uplevel customer engagement, with a privacy-first approach.

We’re here to help. During this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Twilio Segment’s leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), with EU data residency, enables compliant and consented data use, so you can build a complete view of your customers and transform customer engagement.

You'll learn:
  • How to compliantly democratize your data across teams

  • The fundamentals of first-party data and and how to unlock customer insights

  • How a Customer Data Platform (CDP) plays a key role in enabling compliant and consented data use

  • Customer engagement tips from leading brands
Hema Thanki
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Geraint Davies
Principal Solutions Engineer
Twilio Segment
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