In this panel discussion, we're teaming up with industry leaders from Databricks, Albert Heijn and Twilio Segment to deep-dive into the critical role of data in AI technology. These leaders are part of the 71% who firmly believe that AI would be more effective if it could access higher quality data.

We'll explore the central tenet that AI is only as good as the data you feed it, how superior data is the key to both AI effectiveness and improved customer experiences, and the EU AI Act. We’ll discuss how the strategic use of data serves a dual purpose: unlocking the full potential of AI-driven solutions and sharpening customer experiences.

We’ll also discuss the critical role of Twilio Segment, the leading Customer Data Platform, in enabling businesses to collect, clean, and unify data. This empowers teams to train and fine-tune their AI models with high-quality customer data, leading to precise, personalized customer experiences.

You'll gain valuable insights from global leaders on:
  • The symbiosis between AI and quality data.

  • How Twilio Segment enables businesses to leverage high-quality data for AI, which powers predictive analytics.

  • Real-world examples of how proper data management can advance AI applications and adaptive engagement.

As the secret force behind AI awakens, ensure you're on the right side of the revolution.
Robin Sutara
Field CTO, Databricks
Robin is the Field CTO with Databricks. She has had an eclectic career path in technical and business functions with more than two decades between Databricks and Microsoft across multiple C-level roles. She is passionate about creating diversity in data and was recognized in 2023 as a Top 20 Women in Data and Tech, as well as DataIQ 100 Most Influential People in Data.
Folkert Mudde
Engineering Manager, Albert Heijn
Folkert is an accomplished Engineering Manager renowned for his expertise in data collection and the seamless orchestration of customer journeys. With a diverse consulting background spanning various domains, Folkert has brought his skill set to his current position at Albert Heijn, a retail powerhouse in the Netherlands.
Ana Salustiano
Senior Solutions Engineer, Twilio Segment
Ana is a Solutions Engineer at Twilio Segment. Starting her career as an economist, working in Macroeconomics forecasting, she then did her Masters in Business Analytics. Prior to Twilio Segment, she was a Solutions Engineer at Microsoft Xandr.
Hema Thanki
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Twilio Segment
Hema is currently the EMEA Product Marketing lead at Twilio Segment. At Twilio, Hema brings her wealth of knowledge across B2B SaaS and consumer products to lead and strategize product marketing efforts across the EMEA region, aiming to create meaningful and impactful experiences for customers.
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