As AI takes center stage in business operations, organizations are leveraging customer data to create personalized, seamless, and scalable customer experiences.

In our fifth annual Customer Data Platform Report, we examine over 12 trillion API calls from the Twilio Segment platform and share the major consumer and business trends we’ve observed from our customers over the past year.

Join Jim Young and Sean Spediacci for a deep dive into the future trajectory of trusted customer data strategies in the AI-driven era. They will also provide a comprehensive overview of the trends, challenges, and opportunities revealed in our CDP Report.
  • Discover cutting-edge methods for integrating and managing burgeoning data volumes in complex, multi-source environments.
  • Get Insights into the growing adoption of predictive AI in CDPs, and how it's transforming customer engagement strategies.
  • Explore the rise of data warehouses as pivotal tools for customer data management and analysis.
Jim Young
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Sean Spediacci
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
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