Many marketers struggle with cumbersome and time-consuming processes in order to create targeted audiences with data from the warehouse. And the burden of streamlining customer data across different systems and platforms often falls on the data engineering team.

With Twilio Segment, you can elevate and adapt your marketing strategies effortlessly with a system built for growth, evolving with your data.

During this session, we’ll demonstrate exactly how Segment’s Data Graph technology allows you to stay synchronized with the warehouse to achieve accurate campaign targeting with heightened data security across all touchpoints.
  • Create intricate, data-driven audience segments on top of relational data in the warehouse
  • Build flexible segments for more targeted marketing efforts without relying on data teams
  • Increase targeting accuracy and conversion rates across various marketing channels
Bryn Saunders
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Justin Baghai
Senior Solutions Engineer
Twilio Segment
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