Google’s Universal Analytics platform will stop functioning on July 1, 2023. Managing that transition - whether you’re planning to move to Google Analytics 4, or a whole new analytics platform - is easy with Segment.

In this interactive session, experts from McGaw and Segment will talk through the upcoming changes, and discuss how moving from GUA’s page-view data model, to event-based data collection makes your analytics more powerful.

  • Learn why the page-view data model is being abandoned, and why an event-based model provides better insights
  • Discover how Segment makes migrating a breeze, and your analytics more powerful
  • Understand the pro tips (and pitfalls!) of interpreting GUA versus GA4 data
  • Ask questions of the analytics experts from Segment and McGaw
Kimberly Jones
Growth Product Manager
Twilio Segment
Nik Friedman TeBockhorst
VP Solutions
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