Successful businesses are often labeled “customer-centric,” but you can’t be customer-centric without first being data-centric.

A company's ability to collect, analyze, and activate data is the driving force that allows them to build stronger, more personal customer connections.

However, the burden of streamlining customer data to create unified profiles often falls on data engineering teams. What if there were tools that could help ease that burden, giving these teams back valuable time, while also enabling the rest of the organization with access to complete customer profiles at any time?

There are.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Twilio Segment’s complete, real-time CDP helps break down data silos and give cross-functional teams unlimited access to unified customer profiles — allowing them to view user journeys across all platforms and channels and build more precise, personal experiences.

You'll learn how to:

  • Collect, unify, and activate your first-party data with a single API

  • Automatically perform identity resolution and create unified customer profiles

  • Deliver unified, personalized experiences with Twilio Engage

Darcelle Pluviose
Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
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