The Financial Services industry has unique challenges to navigate when it comes to customer engagement. They must balance delivering real-time personalization with maintaining the stringent standards of trust and privacy in finance.

Luckily, the rise of AI technology brings enormous potential to transform the way financial services businesses interact with their customers.

But with just 41% of customers comfortable with AI being used to personalize their experiences, unlocking the full power of AI can be tricky — so where do you start?

In this interactive webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform helps businesses in the financial sector strike the perfect balance between AI-powered customer engagement and the rigorous regulatory landscape — all while cutting costs and unlocking opportunities for growth.
  • Start collecting customer data and streamlining your data stack in minutes
  • Enrich the Segment ‘golden profile’ to build high quality, bespoke end-user experiences at scale
  • Turn predictive insights into personalized experiences optimized for growth
Kathleen Velasquez
Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Bryn Saunders
Senior Product Marketing Manager
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