Time to watch: 3:40 minutes

Ever become frustrated with disjointed or impersonal messages and experiences from brands you engage with regularly? You’re not the only one. Unfortunately it’s pretty common considering that your data is likely data stored in multiple tools or profiles.

So how can businesses ditch fragmented, one-size-fits-all customer journeys and deliver tailored experiences that make every person feel like their only customer?

Segment’s CDP enables businesses with a single view of their customers by building comprehensive and trusted user profiles — allowing them to craft stronger, more meaningful customer relationships through 1:1 personalized journeys.

In this short tutorial, you'll learn how:
  • Merge first-party identifiers to produce a single view of the customer in real-time
  • Sync customer profiles to the data warehouse and enrich them with data from other systems
  • Use Reverse ETL to send enriched customer data from the warehouse and activate in downstream destinations