Did you know that the same ML-models that power Amazon's recommendation engine can be used to improve your customer retention rate and increase LTV?

Join us on Wednesday, March 22nd, for this webinar with AWS to learn how to implement real-time personalization and recommendations - without a team of data scientists.

You'll leave understanding how to capture user data, implement Amazon’s proprietary search and recommendation algorithms, and activate user recommendations within your product using Segment CDP
  • Explore how to collect and analyze data from multiple customer touch-points such as web, mobile, and in-store PoS
  • Learn how to train and validate a machine learning model using Amazon Personalize
  • Deploy the Personalize model and use it alongside Segment CDP to make product and search result recommendations to customers
Safdar Jaffari
Strategic Partner Engineer
Twilio Segment
Igor Krtolica
Senior Partner Solutions Architect
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