The benefits of personalization are undeniable. However, the complexity of capturing, consolidating, and instrumenting data from disparate systems, and developing dynamic customer experiences with that data, creates a core challenge for many brands.

The no-code integration with Twilio Segment and Elastic Path makes it possible for all brands—not just those with massive budgets and dedicated data teams—to activate their data to create commerce experiences that maximize revenue.

Join us for a webinar with Vivrelle, a luxury members-only club that offers unparalleled access to coveted designer handbags, jewelry, watches, and diamonds, who saved their engineering team over 60% in data analytics implementation time long-term and improved customer experience instantly with the integration between Twilio Segment and Elastic Path.

In this session, Vivrelle will share their experience setting up the no-code integration, new commerce experiences they were able to launch, and the impact both technologies have on their business. Attendees will also get to see a live demo starting with activating the no-code integration through to launching a data-driven commerce experience.
  • Learn how combining content, commerce, and customer data will drive outsized value for your business
  • Hear from Vivrelle on their experience using both solutions in their composable tech stack
  • See how Twilio Segment + Elastic Path work together with a live demo
Greg Yeutter
Senior Solutions Engineer
Twilio Segment
Grant Deken
SVP Marketing
Elastic Path
Jeff Neil
VP of Software Engineering
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