Did you know that the average data scientist still spends a whopping 40% of their time on data prep and cleaning?

However, with Twilio Segment, you can easily unify and enrich customer profiles — giving data teams back valuable time, while providing marketers with the information they need to create precise, 1:1 customer journeys.

In this interactive session, we’ll demonstrate exactly how Segment’s extensible and complete CDP makes it easy for data teams to collect and unify customer data, enrich customer profiles, and activate data in the warehouse — enabling marketers to move fast and unlock the power of predictive AI and personalization at scale.

The results? Better data, improved customer lifetime value, and greater ROI.
  • Collect, unify, and activate your first-party data with a single API
  • Automatically perform identity resolution and create unified customer profiles
  • Enrich your customer profiles with warehouse data and predictive AI
Bryn Saunders
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
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