As the digital landscape bids farewell to third-party cookies by 2024, the clock is ticking for marketers to adapt or face the consequences.

Step one? Evaluate your ad tech solutions to ensure they're equipped to conquer the challenges of personalization in the age of privacy.

Forward-thinking companies are leaving behind outdated DMPs and embracing the power of first-party data platforms like CDPs, boldly tackling the personalization challenge head-on.

In this live webinar, ad tech thought leader, Dio Favatas, will share his insights on why and how to reinvent your ad tech to not just survive but thrive in this cookieless era.

In this webinar and live Q&A you will also learn

  • What does the data evolution of the ad tech space look like?

  • DMP vs CDP: What are they and how do they work?

  • How CDP based ads future proof your campaigns?

  • Why is a privacy-first future putting pressure on DMPs?

  • Live Segment Demo for advertising use cases

Dio Favatas
Head of Identity and Marketing Clouds, Tredence Inc.
Bryn Saunders
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Twilio Segment
Ana Salustiano
Senior Solutions Engineer
Twilio Segment
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