With businesses today under increasing pressure to drive efficient growth, developing a customer data maturity roadmap is essential for unlocking new revenue, engagement, and optimization opportunities.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can start to add more complexity to your data strategy: whether by introducing more instrumentation, building more audiences, or by joining profiles together in more creative ways. All so you can set yourself up for effectively activating your audiences to drive funnel conversion.

Join us for Summer School and discover how Twilio Segment’s #1 Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps businesses streamline and personalize customer experiences – while increasing revenue and protecting the bottom line.

Register and learn how to:
  • Decide what data should be collected to achieve meaningful engagement

  • Resolve data into unified golden profiles that provide a single view of the customer

  • Activate data and profiles to achieve positive business outcomes

Did you miss session 1 or are you ready to move to session 3 of our Summer School Series? View them on-demand here:

Building a Rock-Solid Data Foundation for Your Business

Adapting Your Data Strategy On the Road to Mastery
Seth Familian
Director of Global Advisory Services
Twilio Segment
Geoffrey Keating
Director of Content Marketing
Twilio Segment
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