CDP Live: Driving Efficient Growth at Scale

Virtual half-day summit
October 13 | 9AM - 12PM PST

As the ‘growth at all costs’ mentality comes to an end, what’s the next frontier for business growth?

Catch up on insights from CDP Live, a virtual half-day summit where experts from The New York Times, Snap & Mixpanel broke down the findings from our latest Growth Report and discussed how a data-first approach to marketing can increase the ROI of your customer engagement and lower costs for your business.

About this series

About this series
Over the past 10 years, the growth at all cost mindset has been the norm.

Build, build more, build better, build at all costs. Just get growing.

Today, business growth looks dramatically different. With a variety of factors at play, from a tumultuous global economy to businesses shifting how and where they work, the growth over all else mindset is officially over. In its place is a more strategic, calculated shift to growth, where businesses are doubling down on sustainable paths to growth, such as long term customer loyalty, and profitability.

In this series of events, Twilio Segment will share what this shift means for the future of doing business.
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