CDP Live: How to Future-Proof your Business

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 | 8AM - 12PM PT
With economic uncertainty looming, how are businesses adjusting to achieve sustained and efficient growth?

Join us on February 15th for CDP Live, a virtual half-day summit where leaders from Amazon, Box, AAA, The Trade Desk and Databricks will discuss how to win in a dynamic market by putting your customers first. From leveraging first party data to increasing customer lifetime value and lowering costs for your business, this half day summit will provide you with actionable ways to win in 2023.

About This Series

Rising inflation and macroeconomic uncertainty are tangible threats to businesses across the globe. With the days of “growth at all costs” behind us, businesses are laser focused on driving efficient growth.

That means business priorities will look different this year. Leaders are leaning on customer data to build strategies to lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer engagement.

During this virtual half-day summit, business leaders will share tactical strategies they are employing - from streamlining their tech stacks, to which customer data they are collecting, and how they activate that data across key channels that drive revenue.


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